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#175 – Up Where We Belong


#175 – Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes

 – If you were a Boomer in 1982 and involved in any type of romantic relationship, it’s almost impossible to separate this song from the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. The grand finale when Richard Gere walks into the factory wearing his Navy whites and sweeps Debra Winger off her feet is still a highlight in the drama/romance genre and the movie soundtrack played an instrumental version of this song as it was all coming down.

The film was a box office hit that summer and made it a must-see for the romantic generation. I remember lines at the theaters in New York City, where I was living at the time, and if you fit into the relationship category mentioned above, chances are you were standing in one of those lines with your significant other.

But let’s call it what it is (or was). And I don’t mean this as a put-down at all because I actually remember An Officer and a Gentleman being a good movie. But in all honestly, it fell into the category of “chick flick.”

I’m not sure if some Boomer-guy invented that sexist category, but we might as well go ahead and claim it. After all, our generation seemed to put tags on everything from hippies and straights to rock and bubble gum (music – not chewable items). It was because of our generation that movies began to be rated G, PG, R and X. The older folks had to maintain some type of restrictions over what we viewed in theaters and at drive-in movies since they had lost any control over what music we were listening to.


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Again – no disrespect intended.

I just don’t remember any of my guy-friends making An Officer and a Gentleman a “must see” movie. If there was no girlfriend or wife involved, odds heavily favored us standing in lines with our pals to see Rocky III, Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Poltergeist during the hottest months of ’82.

And now that I have that guy-thing out of the way…

Up Where We Belong is really a great song that fits the times. You didn’t even have to attend Ridgemont High to realize that. It’s a soaring, romantic uptempo duet following the trend for power ballads that teased-hair rock groups used to make it onto MTV playlists in the 1980’s. These songs would put stadium audiences into mellow, cigarette-lighter-waving moods before exploding with endings that had everyone on their feet cheering for more.


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If you need a reminder to figure out what I’m talking about, check out Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue, Faithfully by Journey or Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon. It was the trend.

Up Where We Belong joined this Dream Song List on August 18th. But I have no reminder to figure out why. I don’t own it and hadn’t heard it in… like… forever. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen the movie since standing in line with an ex-significant other in 1982. So we’ll check this one into the subliminal category.


The teaming of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes seemed interesting at the time… to say the least. Warnes was new on the scene, but Joe had been a classic boomer favorite since growling through With A Little Help From My Friends at Woodstock in 1969. Though John Belushi did his best to keep the Cocker legend going with a great impersonation on Saturday Night Live – actually performing next to the real deal himself – his star had faded a bit as we got into the 1980’s. Whether Warnes was a friend or a record company-made partnership, it didn’t matter.

This little help from a more recent hit-maker put them both at the top of the music charts.

A gentleman and an officer

Unfortunately, or maybe I should say fortunately for you, this song really brings back no other memories. I don’t even remember the ex-significant other I saw the movie with. I guess it will have to stay that way until my married-significant other decides to include An Officer and a Gentleman on her Richard Gere viewing list.

Since I’ve sat through Pretty Woman with her probably more times than I’ve heard this song, I’ll go ahead and assume it won’t be too long before that happens.

But until then…

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Here’s a video of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes performing Up Where We Belong.


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